Hiring a consulting firm or a referral service for expert witnesses?

When it comes time to secure an expert witness, lawyers may access three main sources: a consulting firm, an expert witness referral service, or independent professionals.  These options are not interchangeable.  Consulting firms are comprised of experts who consistently collaborate and follow established processes.  This promotes consistent quality, internal staff synergies, and development of valuable internal resources used for each case.  Alternatively, witness referral services create a repository of expert witnesses and charge a fee for establishing the connection between a law firm and the expert.  That expert may have expected subject matter knowledge, however lacks the process knowledge and team support to drive optimal results.

Plural Consulting Group, Inc. is a consulting firm.  When you partner with Plural, you get more than an expert witness.  You partner with a team with all the aforesaid benefits to solve the most complex of questions or cases.